Huawei Mate 20 X Review

So here we have the brand-new Mate 20 X hey hey what’s up how’s it extending. What do you think compared to your Pixel 3 XL it’s not the same thing you know it’s bigger this is XL XL I consider those discussions we should be having you can’t compare the Pixel 3 XL to this you can compare the Pixel 3 to the Mate 20 or the Mate 20 Pro but this is a whole new this is a whole different category this is like a phablet the phablet is back look at the size of this compared to the size of my thought

I necessitate look at it all the tablets used to be 7-inch now it’s phone calls that’s a phone but the 7-inch with extremely limited bezel that the casing is so small right there’s a nice little bezel it’s not bad what do you think about the notch I think this is interesting because it’s a portable relatively speaking affordable and it’s a big screen for the people on a big screen and and did you see how interesting it was that Huawei position this as a gaming machine yeah with that controller it’s like half of a Switch you get the Switch on one side now that controller seems a little janky but this thing you know what do you think about this back yeah it’s the same back as on the Mate 20 Pro and on the Mate 20 you know the little bank glass back maybe it’s popular

I feel one of the thing’s that concerning about this is the battery 5000 milliamp hour you know it’s got the same camera arrangement as a p20 sorry the Mate 20 and so it so it’s like a Mate 20 but blown up in size 7.2 ” They keep it at 1080 p so they can have a long battery life and also so that the price doesn’t go crazy this is an oled Mate 20 is an IPS there’s lots of OLED going on so how about this iPhone max it’s not the same conference you can’t compare them recollect the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 X are the entry-level cost in this succession the Mate 20 Pro is the illusion one and then the Mate 20 RS is the really fancy one two thousand euros for the Mate 20 RS yeah I entail how about this these optics are get very interesting right they’re claiming to have a brand-new big sensor that no one is has that’s also again that’s only on the Pro and the RS so you got to look at the specs there’s really very little difference between the cameras on this and the cameras of the P and the P 20 Pro the P20 and the P20 Pro have a monochrome sensor and that’s gone to be replaced by wide-angle that’s the only gap of course is a fast Kirin in there so you can do more AI faster and so it’s all about computational photography nowadays I don’t know is quite amazing anybody else does the thing were you in colour and everything else is in black and white yeah Nokia has been doing this for years the thing about it is that you can now do it in real hour and you can line the subject that’s video

it’s a little bit brand-new but if it can do that I would think it can do the bokeh thing that I would like to have that where the video is with bokeh so if you have to choose one of the three or four which one perhaps Mate 20 Pro I symbolize this is great no I don’t think I need that much real estate properties oh so are you busy your blogging is busy mostly it’s my podcast at that’s where it’s at so who are you interviewing what’s happening usually it’s other journalists an hour every week audio exclusively we are talking here about anything that’s mobile and it includes vehicles because automobiles are mobile you’ve got a Tesla I pictured yeah I do have a Tesla you returned it or are you continuing it why would I return it I waited two and a half years to get my Tesla maybe you want the I have a Porsche I have a Tesla I have everything I need maybe you want the new one the fast one that goes in two seconds right what’s it called Roadster 2 for the Roadster I don’t have the money for that you are familiar with everybody’s got a budget you’re accusing at home and how’s your electricity invoice has it been an increase not much this is the US electricty expenditure nothing where I live

the nice thing is it expense me about a third of the price of using gas to get around and that’s a great difference and it’s fast and it’s cozy and it’s quiet and it’s super high-tech what else do you want yeah even Elon Musk is cool I think he’s an interesting person he’s get us to Mars that’s so cool that’s amazing if it happens I entail when it comes back to this I think you know this is some good nonsense I think maybe you know Huawei is genuinely killing it and I think that we’re gonna look at those telephones as you know pretty substantial actors for the next six months they are selling more phones than Apple but are they going to be able to sell it more phones in the high spec segment top are they gonna overtake the high-end iPhone Xs you know potentially I considered the numbers are they overtook Apple in marketings simply not in profit no one was it includes all the cheap ones right that’s that’s not counting gains though but I visualize the thing about Apple look the problem with Apple is that the brand-new phones that they just propelled their camera is barely catching up with what the Pixel 2 did last year and now we got the Pixel 3 which precisely blows up we’ve got the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro that are you know simply pushing the envelope even beyond what they did with the P20 and P20 Pro like which is why i Apple in this game their camera doesn’t hold out right and the number one thing people want out of their phone today portrait number two battery life so there you go 5 000 milliamp hour artillery 50% longer battery life now it’s really big so it’s not for everybody right recollect there’s also a Mate 20 Lite that was announced at IFA so you got some options and I it’s about only 200 euro the Mate 20 Lite everybody who’s refreshed it said it’s great for the rate all right so let’s see if the u.s.

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