Top 5 Cities to Shop in ITALY

One of the most beautiful countries in the world is Italy. There are a lot of cities in Italy which are amazing and hard to ignore if you are a visitor and visiting for the first time in Italy. The cities in Italy has a lot to attract you like museums, historic sites, good food, nightlife, cultural activities but most importantly some great places to shop. If you are visiting Italy for the first time, there are 5 places which you will like to visit for shopping.

    • Rome: There are a lot of places to shop if you are thinking of shopping in Rome. The major thing it is famous for is a lot of clothing store chains like Max & Co., Zara, Armani Exchange, Sermoneta, Benetton, Pinko and Accessorize. The most famous departmental store which you are going to find there is La Rinascente. There are a lot of branches of this store all over Rome. Two other famous departmental with moderate price are Coin and Upim. A lot of neighborhoods are there in Rome where you can shop like Piazza di Spagna, Via Cola di Rienzo, Via del Corso, and Via Nazionale.

    • Milan: Like many other places in Italy, if you like shopping cloths, Milan is the ideal place for you. Many people don’t know that Milan has shopping options for all price points. You can find a lot of designer stores in Milan along with other outlets and boutiques. The products you will get there will be expensive and if you are searching for some affordable stuff, you will get that too in Milan. Mainly Milan is famous for its elegant fashionable designs. One thing you must remember if you are thinking of visiting Milan for shopping and that is the timing of the shops. The big stores are open every day but the smaller much affordable stores are closed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you want to visit there on seasonal sale, the time is either January or July. Some of the best places for shopping in Milan are Via Montenapoleone, Corso Venezia, Corso di Porta Ticinese, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, and Corso Buenos Aires.

    • Florence: In Florence if you are going for shopping, you will get a lot of other stuff than clothes like some gift and souvenirs shop. Famous for its high quality and excellent designer products, Florence is surely a place everybody loves to go shopping. You will get open markets along with various luxury boutiques and fashion outlets. Some of the best places to shop in Florence are Via de’Tornabuoni, Via del Parione, Via dei Calzaiuoli, and Mercato di San Lorenzo.

  • Venice: Venice is famous for vanatian lace, glassware and beautiful textures. Some of the most famous designers reside in the city. You will get some of the best shopping streets here. Some of the best shopping places here are Le Mererie, Salizada San Moise, San Samuele, and Calle Larga XXII Marzo.

    • Naples: Another place famous for its fashion line stores. You will surely get some of the best shopping centers in Italy there like Centro Commerciale Auchan, Carrefour Express, Supero etc.

Some other cities in Italy where you can go for shopping are Verona, Genoa, Turin, Portofino, and Bolgna.

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